Thursday, August 30, 2012

Red wine, Pet issues and color stains.

 How to remove carpet stains with color, or not mess it up more! 

One issue we often face at Cooper’s, when a client spills something on their carpet: What’s the first thing they do? Grab whatever is under the sink, dump it on the spot, and scrub it with a towel.

If a stain has color - red, blue, green, yellow (pets), etc. - grabbing whatever is under the sink is often the worst thing you can do. For one thing, is your cleaning product made for that type of carpet stain? There is no one product for all stains.

One piece of advice we give all our clients, is to be careful what store bought products you use on your spots and stains. Some products can actually set the stain permanently and make it much more difficult to remove. Applying the wrong product can take a five minute spot and turn it into an hour long struggle for us. Often times you have something that will work better already at home.

For example: For pet stains and issues, instead of spending $10-20 on store bought spotting products, grab your little brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a trigger sprayer. Mix one cup of the hydrogen peroxide with a ½ cup of ammonia, and you have just made yourself a great pet & organic colored stain remover! It’s only going to last about 30 minutes to an hour. After an hour, the peroxide has given off all its oxygen. So don’t mix up a gallon!

Now this will only work on organic stains (pet issues, blood, vomit, red wine etc.) and it’s ONLY for synthetic carpets! Don’t put this on your couch or fancy wool area rugs, just carpet.

Basically you are going to spray the stain with the peroxide/ammonia mix and wait. It will take time - lots. Spray it and check the next day, if the spot has changed its working! Stain still there but better, put some more on. It’s not going to hurt anything.
Also, as far as the pet stains go, the longer the issue stays on your carpets the more difficult it becomes to remove. Don’t expect this to work on a pet stain from a year ago.
So, try the peroxide/ammonia first. If it doesn’t work, STOP! If you have a synthetic dye stain (Gatorade, fruit punch, etc.), call us at Cooper’s Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care 847-814-2409.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mundelein IL Carpets Clean Up Great!!!

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